This time of year, with the weather outside getting chilly, you may be relying on your furnace more than usual. With more pressure on the heating system, worn-out parts and malfunctions become more common, and in some cases, your furnace may start making strange noises. If this occurs, try not to panic. There are many possible unusual sounds that your heating unit may start making, but only a couple of them are truly dire. If you know what each specific furnace noise likely means, you’ll know how to react if it starts happening in your household.

1. Banging or Booming Noise

This type of noise generally takes place with gas-powered furnaces. This loud banging or booming is probably caused by gas buildups occurring within the appliance, resulting in little explosions. In many cases, this is happening because of an ignition delay within the furnace, probably caused by a contaminated or clogged gas burner. You’ll want to have the furnace professionally inspected and cleaned, as leaving it to operate in this state can result in more serious problems.

2. Whistling Noise

A high-pitched whistling noise may be the result of your furnace attempting to pull air through a clogged-up air filter. Not only does this put a lot of strain on the furnace and waste energy, but it produces the annoying whistle that you’re hearing. Fortunately, all you need to do to remedy this is switch out the dirty or clogged filter for a brand new one.

3. Rattling Noise

If you’re hearing a constant rattling noise, there’s a good chance it’s due to something being loose within the furnace, such as a panel or screw. This is, on its own, a minor problem. However, loose components can sometimes cause damage to other parts of the furnace, in some cases even cracking the heat exchanger, which is very serious and even dangerous. Your best bet is to have a technician take care of this in a timely manner.

4. Screeching or Squealing Noise

A screeching or squealing sound is certainly not something you’ll want to be dealing with for a long time, and there are several things it could possibly indicate. It might just be a damaged belt or loose screw, which should be very easy for someone to fix with the right equipment, provided they get to it early. It may also mean that the furnace’s bearings need lubrication, or the blower motor could be malfunctioning. Since there are so many possible causes, you won’t want to guess at it. Have it inspected by a heating professional who can properly diagnose it.

5. Popping Noises

If you’re hearing a loud popping noise, there’s a possibility that it’s coming from your home’s air ducts as opposed to inside your furnace. Sometimes, when the hot air that your furnace is circulating comes in contact with the cold metal of the ducts, it causes the metal to expand. This isn’t usually a serious problem, but it does produce a popping sound. If you’re noticing these noises right around the time you start the furnace up; there’s a good chance that this is the cause. Just to be safe, have your ductwork inspected regularly.

6. Scraping Noise

Though it isn’t usually indicative of anything disastrous, a scraping noise is usually a sign that you should shut down your furnace and bring in a heating professional. It’s usually being caused by one of two things: either worn-out ball bearings or a blower wheel that has come loose. Either of these should be relatively simple repairs, but you don’t want to keep the furnace operating before you’ve had the noise diagnosed and taken care of.

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