Your home’s HVAC system is essential for keeping you comfortable throughout the year. Without proper heating and cooling, you could be left braving the elements. The fact that your HVAC system plays such a pivotal role means that you should never trust it to anyone other than a licensed HVAC contractor, and here are some of the reasons why.

1. Avoid Hazards and Unsafe Operation

One of the biggest reasons you should never let anyone other than a licensed HVAC contractor repair, service, or install any HVAC equipment is to avoid any potential hazards that could damage your home or your health. There are a number of issues that could potentially make your HVAC equipment unsafe to operate or work on. Any electrical problems or incorrect wiring can create a fire hazard. Incompetent electrical work has led to unfortunate situations in which someone has been electrocuted simply trying to change their furnace filter.

If your furnace isn’t functioning properly or isn’t properly vented, it can also cause carbon monoxide to build up inside of your house. More than 400 Americans die each year from carbon monoxide, and over 50,000 people are hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning. The easiest way to prevent these risks from occurring is to always use a licensed contractor for any HVAC tasks. This includes working on or installing furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, mini-split systems, and all other HVAC equipment.

2. Protect Your Heating and Cooling System

Certified HVAC technicians receive years of training in order to fully understand exactly how HVAC systems work and how to install, service, and repair them. If you attempt to work on your HVAC system yourself or hire someone without the necessary training, the chances are high that you’ll end up doing much more harm than good. This could lead to damaged equipment and costly repairs. It could also shorten the lifespan of your furnace, AC, or other equipment or even ruin it completely. As a result, you’ll probably end up spending far more to fix the damage than you would’ve paid had you hired a licensed contractor in the first place.

3. Ensure Your Equipment Is Under Warranty

Most HVAC equipment comes with some form of a manufacturer’s warranty. A new furnace is usually covered by a 10-year limited parts warranty and potentially up to a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger. Air conditioners are also usually covered by a 5- or 10-year warranty on the condenser unit. These warranties can be a huge benefit, as they will cover the costs of some repairs so that you won’t have to pay out of pocket if something goes wrong.

The one thing that all HVAC warranties have in common is that the warranty is only valid if the equipment was installed and serviced by a licensed, certified professional. If you or anyone without the necessary certifications does any work on the equipment, no matter how minor, the warranty will automatically be void. As a result, you’ll have to pay for everything yourself.

4. Reduce Your Energy and Repair Costs

Using a licensed HVAC contractor will always save you money in the end. Not only will it prevent your equipment from being damaged by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, but it can also lower your energy costs and reduce the need for repairs. Annual maintenance is especially important in this regard.

Scheduling annual maintenance for your heating and cooling system is the best way to avoid potential issues and ensure your equipment is working efficiently. A tune-up includes a full inspection of your appliance to identify any issues that need to be repaired. The technician will also clean the equipment, lubricate all moving parts, and tighten any loose connections or wiring. This can result in fewer repairs, better energy efficiency, and even an extended lifespan for your equipment.

5. Prevent Any Liability Issues

One final reason that it’s imperative to always use a licensed HVAC contractor is that it ensures you avoid any potential liability issues. A licensed HVAC contractor is required by law to carry insurance, and this is extremely important for your equipment, your home, and your finances. If a technician causes any damage to your HVAC system or any other part of your home during the course of their work, the contractor’s insurance will cover the cost of any necessary repairs or equipment replacement.

This insurance also protects you if any of the contractor’s employees are injured in your house or on your property. As long as the injury didn’t result from any negligence on your part, you won’t be held liable for any medical bills or other damages. If you hire anyone without the necessary insurance to work on your HVAC equipment or do any other work on your home, you may be left with the bill for damages to your house and equipment or for any injuries that occur.

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